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Fully customized WEBCAM chat
Get the open source video chat

Get FREE full featured webcam chat. Some features of red5 chat

Features of Red5 Video chat - need a customized work ? Feel free to contact us

What are the requirements ?
Please see here...
is there any program for my users to be installed ?
No, since this solution is based on Flash, there is NO activex or plug-ins to be installed
How many users can connect ?
There is NO LIMIT: the only limit is your bandwidth and the power of your server !
Can I customize it ?
Yes: since it is delivered with FULL DOCUMENTENDED code source !
Can I install it on many servers ?
YES: you can do this: there is NO LIMITATION for deployment !
I do not know how to deploy it: I have no experience with it !
No trouble: we can do it for you ! We will deliver you FULL installed and configured video chat for you. please see SERVICES HERE
I have a cheap hosting plan !
In order to deploy the RED5 you need to install the RED5 application on your server. If you cannot do this, we can hire a DEDICATED server for you as cheap as 39,90 euros / year: Please see SERVICES
I need some specials features for the chat: but I do not know how to develop it !
We can do it for you : please see SERVICES
Any room feature ?
You can add the room feature simply by duplicating the application !
Other questions ?
Please feel free to contact us


Main Demo Requirements Features FAQ Others Chat Products Services Contact